Zach is Taking a Sabbatical

Hi All, this is Zach, This letter/blog post is to let people know that I am taking a sabbatical from running retreats at La Familia Medicina.  This sabbatical will last between 8-9 months. In my absence Roberto Laurens will be running the camp.  Roberto came to La Familia Medicina for a retreat last fall and […]

15 Day Shamanic Retreat

Are You Seriously Interested in Studying Amazonian Shamanism at a Deep Level?  Do You Want to Do a Shamanic Dieta and Ayahuasca in the Traditional Manner?  Are You Struggling with an Illness That Requires More Attention/Work Than Can Be Done in a 9 Day Retreat?  If These Questions Resonate With You, the 15 Day Shamanic […]

Ayahuasca and Cancer

Ayahuasca and cancer treatment Eduardo E Schenberg1,2 1Departamento de Psiquiatria, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil 2Instituto Plantando Consciencia, São Paulo, Brazil Eduardo E Schenberg, Rua Iraci 340, Jardim Paulistano, CEP 01457-000 São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Email: Abstract Objectives: Comprehensively review the evidence regarding the use of ayahuasca, an Amerindian medicine traditionally used to treat many […]

Owwh! My Ego Pooped on the Carpet! How I Learned Self Confidence

Ayahuasca has been taking me on a most extraordinary journey. Before I came to Peru to drink Ayahuasca I was certain that I was an aware, and awoken person. Thanks to Ayahuasca I realized I have a lot of work to do still. It wasn’t until my second retreat that I found out what my […]