Eagerness (Overeagerness) vis a vis Ayahuasca Part II

In my last blog, I gave some background as to what one might face as one goes through a dieta and Ayahuasca retreat such that I might delve deeper into the topic of these two posts which is “eagerness”.  (If you have not read Part I, click here) How does “eagerness” play into all of […]

Eagerness (Overeagerness) Vis a Vis Ayahuasca- Part I

I want to talk a bit about “eagerness” as it relates to both the medicine path and the consciousness path.  Because of our focus on serious spiritual work and healing, we see what would be called “eagerness” on a fairly regular basis here at La Familia Medicina. When I say “eagerness”, I am talking about […]

Zach is Taking a Sabbatical

Hi All, this is Zach, This letter/blog post is to let people know that I am taking a sabbatical from running retreats at La Familia Medicina.  This sabbatical will last between 8-9 months. In my absence Roberto Laurens will be running the camp.  Roberto came to La Familia Medicina for a retreat last fall and […]

15 Day Shamanic Retreat

Are You Seriously Interested in Studying Amazonian Shamanism at a Deep Level?  Do You Want to Do a Shamanic Dieta and Ayahuasca in the Traditional Manner?  Are You Struggling with an Illness That Requires More Attention/Work Than Can Be Done in a 9 Day Retreat?  If These Questions Resonate With You, the 15 Day Shamanic […]