Camino Do Amor



We are changing the name of La Familia Medicina to Camino Do Amor.

La Familia Medicina was closed in the Spring of 2014.  This was a tough decision, but necessary.

In early spring, Zach returned to the USA and has been working with the

Santo Daime Church pretty much every weekend since his arrival.  Zach has

been extremely impressed with the Santo Daime and how they work with the

medicine.  It is very different from Peruvian Shamanism and in some ways

he views it as somewhat “higher vibrational” than the practices he has

seen in the jungle.  Pages could be written on this subject (there will be

more written on this subject in the future), but for efficiencies’ sake we

will leave that for another day.

During this time in the USA,  Zach has been able to put more “space”

between himself and Peruvian Shamanism that allowed for greater

perspective regarding the medicine.  He realized that working with the

medicine is evolving.  In fact, Santo Daime is an evolution stemming from

Peruvian Shamanism as Mestre Irineu (the founder of S. Daime) first drank

with Peruvian Shamans.

Zach believes that Santo Daime is kind of a “step up” on the evolutionary

scale from Peruvian Shamanism.  This is NOT to say that it is better, just

that  the organization has figured some things out that the Peruvian

Shamanism has not.  Also in the process of this evolution, the Santo Daime

has forgotten key practices such as the dieta. The point being is that

BOTH Peruvian Shamanism and Santo Daime are excellent paths….and they

BOTH have their short comings.

This time away from Peru has led  Zach to believe that there

is another way to work with the medicine.  A “middle path” if you will.

This middle path will integrate the positive aspects of both Peruvian

Shamanism, Santo Daime plus the inclusion of other spiritual paths such as

Buddhism, Advaita, Hinduism, Native American Shamanism etc…

In addition this is an inclusive open path.  That is, all paths are

welcome to contribute, provided they are paths with the essence of Love,

Light, Forgiveness, Absolute Truth and the Divine.   These paths can be

summed up as “Paths of the Heart”.

We will not have an overriding religion nor dogma.  The only overriding

“dogma” (lol) we will follow/accept is that of Love, Light, Forgiveness,

Absolute Truth and the Divine.  We recognize that there are many paths

with this essence and we accept them.

It is because this new way of working with the medicine is based on Love,

Light, Forgiveness, Absolute Truth and the Divine that we have named this

new path/community “Camino Do Amor” (CDA).

Camino= The Way (spanish)

Do (pronounced “du”)= of (portugese)

Amor= Love (spanish and portuguese)

Camino Do Amor= The Way of Love

CDA will be compiling a “Vision Statement” in the form of a book with a

much more complete explanation of the mission and vision of CDA.  We hope

to have this completed by late 2014- early 2015.

We will also be posting events in various locations around the world such as Peru, Mexico, Portugal and Spain.

In the meantime, we will be working on the web-site, using the same web url or address:

If you are a subscriber to LaFamiliaMedicina, you will receive our updates, upcoming scheduled events/retreats.